Tina Fox is an inspirational leader with a 24-year career as an award-winning salesperson and an executive in both Fortune 100 and successful Start-Up companies.

Today, Tina is the Founder of Fox Paradigm Consulting and an Owner of Cobalt Settlements in Arlington, VA.  She has a strong history of identifying opportunities, which trigger multimillion-dollar growth.  With the right balance of “IQ and EQ”, she has led individuals and teams to consistently exceed sales goals and establish new standards in business excellence.

Tina is a champion for women in business and mentors aspiring women leaders.  She is a speaker at events supporting women in business and leadership.  In 2015, she founded a group in Northern Virginia, “Women in Business”, which connects over 950 businesswomen focusing on networking, business problem solving and access to local accessible leadership.

Proud of her Chinese/American heritage and being raised as a U.S. Army Military “Brat” she went on to earn her undergraduate degree, with honors, in Communications/Public Relations at James Madison University.  Tina currently lives in Lakeridge, Virginia with her husband, two sons and two “water dogs”.

If you are interested in connecting with Tina, she may be reached at tfox@foxparadigm.com.


“Be an authentically curious leader, with the ability to listen.  For ALL people want to be heard and know what they said mattered.”

Tina Fox

Founder, Fox Paradigm Consulting

Successful Sales Strategies

Sales is the life blood of any small business. This session will delve into practical ways to set up a steady flow of potential customers and how to make sure customers actually buy. Developing and managing a selling ‘pipeline’ for your company requires focus and thought. Determining how you want to approach customers and prospects to ensure you can consistently drive revenue month over month. There are many styles of selling and many different processes and tools that go into a good sales system. In this dynamic session Lisa Fox, of The Fox Paradigm, will help you learn to prioritize this critical aspect of growing your business to make sure your sales efforts are effective and right for your particular company. She will share concepts, processes and tools that can help you ensure your small business continues to keep that pipeline full and the revenue flowing.

Session time: 3:15 – 4:15pm