Lisa Karl is the founder of Savvy Social Media, a social media strategy consulting and management firm located in Loudoun County, VA. SSM works with small business owners to best develop their online presence in order to drive traffic and increase sales through consulting, workshops, and online courses. Previously, Lisa consulted with small and medium sized businesses developing and implementing marketing strategy plans. She was an editor for a life cycle start up in Chicago, and a writer for newspapers, encyclopedias, sports teams, and magazines. Lisa volunteers at Loudoun Hunger Relief, Loudoun County’s largest food pantry, and is an active member of the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce.

Founder of Savvy Digital Media

5 Steps to Social Media Success

Many small business owners are overwhelmed with running their business, yet understand that social media is a key part of reaching their customers. Discuss who you are trying to reach, where you should be online, what and when you should post and how to measure success. Lisa Karl, Founder of Savvy Digital Media will look at the latest numbers from Pew Research, Nielson and others and uncover what the numbers mean, what should be measured and what goals are realistic. You’ll also learn best practices for posts on various platforms, plus the tools you can use every day to create engaging social content.

Session time: 11:00am – 12:00pm