Craig Rhinehart is the Director, IBM Watson Health Innovation and Market Development.  He has more than 30 years executive experience bringing innovative solutions to market in healthcare, government and other industries as both entrepreneur and intrapreneur.

Craig founded and leads IBM’s corporate entrepreneurship efforts through the Intrapreneurship@IBM community.  He came to IBM through the 2006 acquisition of FileNet, where he served as Vice President of Product Marketing.  Prior to FileNet, he was successful entrepreneur himself having founded, bought and sold a number of businesses.   He has played a strategic role in nine different transactions (4 bought, 5 sold) totaling over $2 billion.   Today, he mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and veterans through several local programs.

Craig writes and speaks about corporate entrepreneurship, healthcare and innovation.  He is considered an expert in Intrapreneurship, innovation models and managing content (unstructured data).  His technology expertise includes cognitive computing, enterprise content management, records management, big data, advanced analytics and case/care management.

Lunch Keynote: “How the New Era of Computing Will Change Every Business… and What to Do About It”

Established companies are being disrupted faster than ever before. According to The Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship, 75% of the S&P 500 will be replaced by 2027. Whether a large business, small business or a start-up, the pace of business is faster than ever before and an abundance of new technologies are fundamentally impacting the way we deliver our goods and services, creating new forms of competition, and changing the way we retain and interact with customers. How will you keep up? We are entering a new computing era. This technology is as radically different from the programmable systems that have been produced by the IT industry for half a century. Commonly referred to as Artificial Intelligence, this new generation of technology and the cognitive systems it helps power will soon touch every facet of work and life – with the potential to radically transform them for the better. This is because these systems can ingest and understand all forms of data, which is being produced at an unprecedented rate. Cognitive systems like IBM’s Watson can reason over this data, forming hypotheses and judgments. Most importantly, these systems are not simply programmed, they learn – from their own experiences, their interactions with humans and the outcomes of their judgments. This keynote session will explore Cognitive Computing, its business impact and new opportunities being enabled from it. Attendees will learn about the next era of computing and the resulting opportunities for large business, small business and start-ups.

Session time: 12:15 – 1:45pm

Breakout Session:  Strategies to Expand Your Business

There are many ways to grow your business and many potential strategies that could work for your business. Join our lunch keynote speaker, Craig Rhinehart, for an exploration of different methods successful business have used and how to evaluate whether they could work for your business too.

Session time: 3:15 – 4:15pm

Director, IBM Watson Health Innovation & Market Development