Clint Thomas has 23 years of experience in public accounting in the areas of tax compliance and planning for closely held businesses of all types, including government contractors, technology companies and service providers. Clint joined Updegrove, Combs and McDaniel PLC as a partner in 2015. Based in the Leesburg office, he will continue to provide outstanding service in tax consulting and tax planning for businesses, individuals, estates and trusts.

Clint graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and became a CPA in 1995.  He is a member of the Virginia Society of CPAs and the American Institute of CPAs.  Personally, he is a member of Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg and is active in the mission’s ministry, the Loudoun Homeless Shelter as a volunteer, and Loudoun County Youth Sports as a coach.

CPA and Partner, Updegrove, Combs & McDaniel PLC

Simple Tips and Techniques to Manage Cash Flow

Cash flow is absolutely critical to successfully running and growing a small business. You may show a profit at the end of the year but if you can’t manage your cash those profits are meaningless. There are many stories of small businesses that were profitable on paper but ended up in bankruptcy because the way cash came into the company didn’t line up with the cash that went out. If you can’t manage your cash flow well you will probably have difficulty making the investments needed to compete, or you may have to pay more to borrow money to just keep the doors open. In this session Clint Thomas, CPA and Partner at Updegrove, Combs and McDaniel PLC, will discuss ways you can start to get control of your own business cash flow and keep it on the positive side of the ledger.

Session time: 3:15 – 4:15pm